Online Payments

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Online Payments 

A payment gateway is a system of technologies and processes that allow merchants to electronically submit payment transactions to various payment processing networks (i.e., the Credit Card Interchange and the ACH Network). Payment gateways may also provide merchants with transaction management, reporting, and billing services.

Payment Gateways essentially bridge the gap between web-based payment options and credit card processors.  To take payments in a store, you must have a merchant account, to take payments online you must have a payment gateway.

Why use a Payment Gateway?
Payment gateways are beneficial for several reasons:
  • E-commerce offers numerous revenue opportunities and a gateway enables you to tap into this by giving your customers a simple and secure way to make purchases.
  • Conducting business transactions over the internet can be less expensive and more convenient than using a dial-up, frame relay, or leased line.
  • A payment gateway gives you an easy-to-use, accessible interface that lets you review batches and exceptions and manage your merchant account whenever you want.
Why Choose NAPS?
Industry Low Rates

Leader’s customers tell us over and over that they have peace of mind knowing they have low rates and that they can understand their merchant statements. Rates customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Contact NAPS today to get started!

98% approval rate! Same day approval in most cases!

Statics show businesses that don’t accept credit cards do less business. That is why we don’t waste any time getting your business set up to accept and process credit cards. Merchants can apply and are approved for a merchant account within the same day.

Superior customer service along with 24/7/365 Technical Support

Our Customer Service Call Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support our customers’ services before, during and after the start of NAPS value-added merchant credit card processing service.